Poppy & Pout Lemon Bloom

Poppy & Pout Lemon Bloom

$ 10.00

From Poppy & Pout:

Anyone who enjoys the scent or flavor of lemon will love their Lemon Bloom Lip Balm. It's both refreshing and hydrating. Every Poppy & Pout lip balm is made with 100% natural ingredients and is hand-poured into eco-friendly cardboard tubes.

Net weight .3 oz/ 8.5g

Their lip balms are made from
*beeswax ethically sourced from the US
*organic coconut oil from the Philippines
*Sunflower oil from the US
*A hint of essential oils/natural flavor oils
*A drop of Vitamin E

That's it. Simple ingredients for perfectly hydrated lips. Try their lip balms and you'll see the difference.